She is 4 going on 13

At first, I didn’t appreciate it when someone told me to enjoy motherhood because kids grow fast and soon they won’t need you. I took it lightly until my 4-year-old started giving me vibes as though she thinks she is big enough to move out and drive a car “not a chance” Parenting comes with a lot of challenges but also with the greatest rewards. Joao and I are enjoying every minute of it. I remember when she was born, I thought to myself – she is starting life with a clean page, all she needs to do is fill in the page with her life story. Genetically Joao and I make a huge part of her life story. The challenges are how are we going to positively impact it? As we know it’s not easy being a parent, but we are happy to say, ‘we are not perfect parents but we are perfect parents for her. We are doing our best to make sure she is happy with most parts of her life chapters. She is growing so fast- for it’s as if I am not getting time to process it all, and daily I am reminded that she is now a full functioning member of the family.

A couple of months ago she was in the bathroom and there was no toilet paper- she called out screaming, “Mom can you do me a favor and bring me toilet paper, please?” It dawned on me that she is growing and how we see her needs to change from how it was when she was a baby (even though she is always going to be a baby to us) So I thought it will be fun to share some of her growing up moments with you.


Ms.Jisele the chatterbox

I enjoy engaging her in conversations but sometimes I log-out and let her go on by herself. She always has something to say- ‘surprise… surprise, this apple did not fall far from the tree!

Ms.Jisele the boss

Now, that is not a big surprise. I am kinda bossy myself and if I am honest I expecting anything less from her. She is at a stage where her word has to be last. So Joao and I try and let her win at some things, without breaking our own rules.

Ms.Jisele reads me (as the Americans say) more like calls me out

What? For an example: I told her she needs to put on a jersey but then I dressed her in a jacket. She tells me, “but this is not a jersey it’s a jacket” Oh accuse me!

Ms.Jisele the copy cat

I used the ‘F’ word but when the teacher mentioned that Jisele used it at school. I downplayed my part but later mentioned the incident on the blog (talk about coming clean) I realized she copies everything especially the bad and that I needed to be honest with my actions if I want to have a positive impact on her. She thinks what mommy does must be right, “well not”– wait till she is she’s a teen it’s all going to be the other around. The challenge is to make sure what comes out of our mouths is authentic and is meant with love.

Ms.Jisele the honest one

As great as being honest is, it can also be awkward if she is coming across as rude or mean without knowing. Like that time when we saw a little with severe 3rd-degree burns on her hands and face. She kept calling for my attention to see to her. That moment when I wanted to bury my head in the sand, but then I saw it as an opportunity to explain that the little girl had an accident and that she shouldn’t be scared of her. I held the little girl’s hand as I was explaining to Jisele and I proceeded to kiss her little hands, in the end, to show her that the little girl is okay and that she is human like us.

Ms.Jisele the reader

I am enjoying this moment, we mostly read to her, but lately, she has been insisting on reading for herself. It’s the funniest but beautiful thing ever. She opens a book and creates a story by looking at the pictures. Most times she is accurate to the original story. But my favorite is when she makes it up, that level of creativity is so beautiful to see.

I now fully agree with that we must enjoy every minute with our kids because they do grow fast.





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