Why my 4-year-old enjoys her ABACUS


She enjoys playing with her Abacus for a couple of reasons, most of which I will share with you today. Since the post, I wrote a while ago on 5 Items towards unleashing your child’s potential from birth I have since received a number of direct messages from moms asking, “besides basic counting, what other ways can I use the Abacus?” Jisele enjoys playing with hers I quote- “playing” because Joao and I make learning playful and fun most times. The best thing is most times she is not aware that she is learning, that is how much fun she has. I was, however, worried when she started school that she will have a problem with the school routine and the strict timetable but she seems to be fine, “a little playful at times” her teacher said, but mostly happy with her. Well, most times until the time she dropped the F-bomb (yeah, my little angel used a bad word) let’s just say, ‘it was time to for us to clean up our act, we dealt with it and moved to the next thing(s)

Let me get back to the reason for this blog post. I have listed some ways for you and your little to have fun with the Abacus while he learns. Should you have other ways that you can share with me and the readers we will highly appreciate it, don’t be shy to drop a comment or share this post with other moms.
Abacus for basic counting

This particular Abacus has 100 colorful beads. Another awesome way for learning to count to 100 and counting in groups of 10, just by sliding the beads from left to right.

Abacus to learn colors

Depending on the type of Abacus your child has, we have the basic one with 5-different colors. Which is great, I never miss an opportunity to use color as a highlight, especially when we are playing.

Abacus to identify numbers

Because this Abacus has numbers from 0-9 at the top, it’s been helpful for Jisele to identify different numbers.

Abacus for keeping scores

When playing games mostly board games, one always needs to keep scores. By choosing a color for a person and using the beads to keep track of scores.

Abacus for basic additions

Being able to visually demonstrate that by adding beads and recounting you always get a higher number is super cool.

Abacus for basic subtractions

Same as additions, it’s all in front of her. If you take away beads and recount, you will always have a lower number in the end. I must say, “for some reason she enjoys additions way more than subtractions- not sure why?”

Abacus for counting down

Countdowns are the most fun, I started doing it on most upcoming life events like Birthday parties, Beach days, and School holidays I let Jisele countdown every morning before she goes to school through taking away 1bead per day. I try to start the countdown build up 5-days before the event, that way it’s more exciting for her. “You have to see how excited she gets as the beads get less and less.”

Joao and I have been playing around with the Abacus, through that we discovered such a cool way to do additions by carrying and exchanging using a basic Abacus. Here is a little video to show you, it might be best for kids that started doing additions: Additions with an Abacus

How are you using the Abacus for playing\learning with your child?





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