5 Items towards unleashing your child’s potential from birth

There is nothing greater than knowing you have done everything in your power to help your child meet their potential. I am a strong believer that most successful kids have parents or someone that believed in them.To me guiding my child to where she needs to be is a big part of my parenting journey.

A new born baby is a promise for great opportunities and life. It can be overwhelming for a parent, knowing that as soon as your baby comes home  it’s all in your hands to look after them and give them ❤️. For me realizing that feeding, clothing and loving her was not at all what parenting is about or at least not all of it. I think I was a little shocked at how much work goes into parenting, my job is also to help get her ready for the world from birth [I use the word “help” because she is her own person, and I plan on letting her live her life, not mine] Life experience starts as soon as they come home from the hospital, they might not remember anything but the mind has a memory card that needs NO updates nor does it need you to press SAVE: I look at it like that song that takes you to a place that you have been without trying to remember.

I have come up with a list of things that I think every child should have in their room to help them unlocked their full potential. So much talk about educational toys- which is great but where do you start? I have come ups with items or toys call it what you may. I call them toys, in my house we call learning “playing” it makes it fun that way.

Must have 5 items towards life lessons for every kid

 A world map

This can be in a form of a chart or a globe, I think most parents what to raise worldly adults or at least we do. Traveling helps us understand how and why people do things they do [less ignorance more wise] hey if your child end up not traveling at least they will know which country is where ? 

We are not a country on our own!

 An abacus

Numbers form part of our daily lives, from time-age-money and so forth.The earlier your child starts on familiarizing numbers the better. It doesn’t matter what career they up doing, numbers are part of life. One has got to tell time⏰

Let’s get counting!

A shaped or shapes toy

We working on shaping our kids for tomorrow ? [ yes you are correct, I do think I am funny] shapes are just as important as numbers and colors.They too form part of everyday life.We live in a boxed houses, travel in a boxed car, and I am writing on a square laptop, see what I mean? I have decided that life is a geometry test.

Think out of the box!

A book of life

For me this is a kid’s Bible, I believe in God and would like to have my child build her own relationship with God, I know that your God might be a different one to mine, but that Higher-Power that creates a sense of belonging and belief, nothing is more exciting than knowing the is a power out there that is ?? and powerful than your parents-the law-your belongings that has you back at all times.

Thank the Lord for the gift that is my child!

A soft toy 

I love soft toys but since this is not about me, I will keep this to myself… and you. Soft toys create that first friendship for your baby. Relationships are not just part of our lives but they are life. Relationships  can come as a trusting or a distrusting, either way, we have them. We have relationships with family-friends-colleagues and ourselves. So as early as birth that relationship with a soft toy is crucial [granted soft toys are best because babies are just as soft and they smell so nice- oh my gosh I am broody] My daughter goes no where without her little soft toy friend.

Relating to you makes me human!

What other important items can you suggest?



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