5 Tips to living with less plastic

Is a plastic-free lifestyle possible? No, not yet but we are more ready for a less plastic lifestyle.

The World is moving to easy and cost-effective solutions to using less plastic, with one common goal – to save the Oceans. The use of plastic has increased by 20% since the 1960’s. Due to the lack of proper recycling and waste management, most of that plastic ends up in our Oceans. According to post by Sarah Kaplan on The Washington Post in 2016 – In 2050 our oceans will be filled with plastic more than fish.

The changes start by making wise choices in our daily lives – here are 5 Tips to living with less plastic and preservation of nature for future generation.

1. Reusable shopping bags   

– Using reusable shopping bags takes a small effort but highly effective and not to mention the financial benefit.

2. Bamboo or Steel Straws  

– For years we have been told using straws is more hygienic than drinking from a straight from a glass but, with findings those more plastic straws where manufactured. Straws make top 10 of the garbage found in oceans. Using reusable straws allow us to keep our hygiene but, also maintain a clean environment for marine life. It’s a Win-Win situation.

3. Reusable sanitary wear and nappies  
– Most of these disposable products do not biodegrade and will end up in the sea. As they say, ‘Diamonds are forever.   ‘Try disposable sanitary wear, once dumped they last forever. 

4. Steel/Glass water bottles  
– The water stays cold for long and, as reusables, they are cost-effective.

5.Wooden toys   
– Wooden toys are durable, safe, and, can be passed down generations.

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