Amazing Moms – Competition

A $5000 Rewards For Good Moms

As you may have known, last year I had this great opportunity to participate in a World’s first-ever moms coffee table book.

As the only mom from the African continent featured in this book, I feel very privileged and Blessed.

Authors Hogan Hilling and Dr. Elise Cohen Ho both have amazing narratives in raising kids and are influential in balance parenting. Hogan Hilling has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She was so impressed with his parenting approach and thought that “America should take lessons from you” Oprah Winfrey said. Dr. Elise Cohen Ho is a co-founder of United We Parent and, for over 25-years she has been a youth counselor in New York’s Juvenile Detention.

As authors, their resumes are so impressive. For me to be part of his projects is unbelievable.

Hogan and I have a potential project on the pipeline, but funds are still an issue.

By donating through The Go Fund Me campaign and voting for me, I stand a chance to win $5000. Out of 115 mom participants across the globe, only 5 will WIN the title “Good Mom” and the funds.

We are NOT competing as moms, after all, we are all Amazing Moms.

These funds will help me with shipping of the Amazing Moms books to Africa to sell and use the profits to kick start my other projects.

Please help me make this dream come true by donating and voting for me from as little as $10.

Much appreciated!

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