Early Childhood Development – its the swimming game

Someone may ask, “why would you want to write about ECD when you are not in the education industry ?” – the answer is simple, I am a mother and I need to make sure that my child is getting the well-needed head start she deserves, in life. Some may also say “when I hear ECD I think , it’s a schools problem” I am sorry to tell you ” it’s starts much earlier than school and its our problem as parents” The are so many ways to help your child’s early development, you can start by the following:

– Reading

– Speaking/Speech

– Play

– Eye contact

– And more outdoor play

This is just the beginning of your child’s development, but now what happens to lessons or skills your child needs that you are not qualified to do or just do not have the know-how, nor the time? -” you ask for help.” Joao and I decided that swimming should be on top of the list, because kids deaths through drowning are so common these days. So not only did she needed to learn this skill but we needed help from a professional. Even though we both can swim [yeap this black girl can swim ?] but there is no way we would have the time and the patience that a professional has.

I was lucky that I did not have to look too far or too long for a swimming school, a friend recommended Leigh’s Swimming Academy and I had known one of the teachers at the school, who advised me to come to class and see if Jisele will like it or even be willing to participate [at 8months old anything is possible] Let’s just say, “she loved it” We booked all our classes then and there. So knowing that Friday mornings we have classes, that just helped me with my planning. Just after 2 classes I immediately could see a change in her self-confidence in and out the water.


One of many videos of her swimming at 18 months, ? haiboo..! Jisele has exceeded Leigh and Tayla expectations [once again proving that putting breaks on what they can learn can be bad for them – the kids I mean lol]

Leigh’s Swimming Academy had to be the one for my child and could be the one for yours because they focus on water safety and pool comfort first. All children are taught in groups according to their ability, and the fact that the lessons are based on a functional fun type of learning, that works great for Jisele and us, we believe it’s all about learning through play at this stage. Monday – Saturday class options worked great for me as working mom [more like, used to be a working mom] so I planned my business around her class.


This is what Leigh’s Swimming Academy offers:

– babies classes, 6months to 2 and a half years

– learn to swim

– stroke correction

– adult swimming

– nursery school swimming

– aqua-aerobics lessons

All the instructors at Leigh’s Swimming Academy are fully accredited by Swim South Africa

Contact details:

Phone: 0836469724

Address:19 Park avenue Bordeaux-Randburg [close to Republic road/Jan smuts]




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leighsswimmingacademy/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/leighsswimmingacademy

Remember water safety is not only needed to help them be safe in water but this can be a career in the future [ I always think for tomorrow] Infants drowning deaths are accidents that should NOT be, so let’s all take a stand and don’t become the statistics by helping our kids with a skill in swimming or water safety.
Adults supervision whilst swimming is still the number one safe measure!

Answer this question to WIN a 4 kids classes at Leigh’s Swimming Academy.

What age was Jisele when she started swimming classes?

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