Give that kid a ⚽️

                                           The scooter just wants to take shine away from the balls ?

It’s that time of the year again when most parents are stressing on what to buy kids for ? I love giving gifts to kids but sometimes when you have a small budget or don’t know what that kid would like, it can be hard. I have since learned that a ⚽️ is always a great idea

A friend once said, “when in doubt buy a ball” that is so true. Its great for all ages especially because kids love them boy or girl at all ages. Jisele[3 years] and Ricardo[11 years] are so fond of playing with a ball, Ricardo since he was small he always had a ball or two or three or four… okay a lot of balls. It’s great cause we can also play with them. When I see a ? I buy it, and I am not shy to give it away just as much.

Outdoor playing is just as important as playing puzzles and educational games, I would choose a ball over most toys. We lead by example by playing ball with the kids at ? outdoor or indoors [please don’t judge me, but I do let my kids play ball inside the house] we even play ball when we go fishing, I am not a patient human so waiting to catch ?  can be a stressful thing so we play ball. The best is playing at the  ? Yeah! We live in Mozambique so beach destinations are regular ? 

Let’s all play ball



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