Grow your own

Kale and Lettuce

I placed both veggies under the pawpaw tree

These have got to be the easiest veggies to grow at home. I cannot believe I have been buying them for so long. I use to battle to get kale anywhere other than Impala Fruit and Veg, as much as lettuce is easily accessible it’s not cheap, not cheap at all! Since moving to Mozambique, I have been wondering – how can people afford to eat lettuce twice a day? [ this is coming from a Joburger]  as I said “lettuce is not cheap in Joburg”

In Mozambique lettuce and kale are a big part of the daily diet – why not? If you can grow it at the back of your yard. It’s grows so nice and so easy. It’s been 2 weeks since I planted mine and I didn’t even need seeds to plant it, the are ladies on the side of the road in my neighborhood that plant lettuce and kale seeds to sell just before it gets big. Once the seeds are germinated it’s easy to move from soil to soil. Oh…and one more thing I love about growing my own lettuce is, I won’t need seeds or baby lettuces again if I look after it. Because when I harvest I should only cut the lettuce leaves so it can regrow.



Join me on this journey to grow your own and challenge friends and family to do the same


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