#grow your own

My friends and I are doing it!

That moment when you visit a  friend’s house, and you happy to see them but even more happy to see what’s growing in their garden.

These are just some of the veggies our friends are growing in their garden:

– chilli

– parsley

– green peppers

– tomatoes

– eggplant [aka brinjal]

– 3 types of lettuces

– kale

– spinach

– carrots

– sweet potatoes

– and more…

It’s so exciting to see the harvest of their lettuce, tomatoes, chili, and brinjal. And off course, I had to get some tomatoes, brinjal and chili [ my tomatoes and chilies are still at their growing stages]

I spent some time in the garden just admiring and feeling excited about the work,that my friends are putting in their garden to make sure that their family has fresh veggies without a drive to the greengrocer.

My bag of harvest ?

It’s really not that hard and trust me we all can make time, it’s all about the planning.


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