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We are living in hard financial times and water shortages are a new reality which means it harder for farmers to mass produce and sell to Supermarkets, but when they do you are more likely to pay a small fortune for veggies. I feel so Blessed that I able to plant some veggies myself [I wish I had done it sooner] Planting at home means you don’t need as much water as a farmer that mass produces, so whilst we pray for the rain, start growing your own.

If for some reason you don’t eat veggies ? you can grow for family, friends, or give your harvest to a local public school and or that homeless person that you see on the side of the road begging for food [yes! this is Africa, there’s always someone poor begging for food] The next time you shop for your veggies, just think – how great will it be if this was a harvest from your backyard?  It doesn’t have to be a big project, just start small. The is some patience required and I don’t have a lot of it, I want to eat from the garden like yesterday – so to ?? cucumber and carrots  “you are late?? ?”


Mint grows so easy and quick, it’s one of those non fuss herbs to plant.  A friend had mint herbs and he gave me some to plant and whoopee… I have mint, not just any but fresh organic


It’s taken a couple of weeks for the cucumber seeds to germinate. We are now in the tiny cucumber fruit stage and it’s looking very nice. A couple of ago, Dino and I build the trellis so that when the cucumber starts growing it’s not laying on the ground, but we didn’t expect the leaves to be so long. Now, what?…We might have to make it high… or just wait?…

I see the spinach is almost ready to harvest? 


As much as I love the fact that I planted carrots the waiting is killing me. Four weeks of waiting and this is what I get so far. As you can hear I am not the most patient of humans [okay… I am working on it] As I said before, this is my journey  and I am still learning but it will be great for you to join in and grow your own too.

I have many moments in my life where I feel very close to God, but planting and harvesting puts me in an even closer position!

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