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It’s been a while since I’ve shared my journey of growing Vegetables and Herbs. Unless of course, you follow me on Instagram if not herewith is my IG account: Things have been slow on the garden front I have only have been enjoying some harvest but have not planted anything because since the end of March we thought we will be back in South Africa by now. But my husband’s company has since asked us to stay, now that we are still here I decided to plant more veggies.

Since I started this journey a little under 2-years-ago, my view on fresh Vegetables and the process of growing them has dramatically changed. This experience has raised my level of respect for Farmers and People living off the grid. It’s not easy but doable. By far the most fulfilling thing I have ever done (not living off the grid, please… let’s not push it) Previously I shared with you that my knowledge on growing Vegetables and Herbs goes as far as what my maternal grandmother thought me when I was younger (since I am still young) I have been learning as I go by taking it one day at a time. I must share this with you though- I keep it simple and grow a small amount at a time, that way I can maintain the garden and I don’t have too big of a harvest.

A large part of my garden was empty, so I started by preparing the soil with compost a few days before. On planting day I placed a small amount of Epsom salts in the hole then added with stale tomatoes. Now is the best time to plant tomatoes because the spring season is coming they love the sun, the sun helps to bring out their best flavors. Initially, when I started this journey I was adamant that I won’t use any chemicals, I still am. I want to keep it as organic as possible, but we have so many bugs, slugs, and thugs that destroy my Vegetable (this is the hard part of this process) I am in search for an organic product that I can use without paying a bond for it.

There is something about growing and harvesting from home that I can’t explain. All I know is it makes me feel great. Every time I get something from the garden I have a closer to God moment. It’s just amazing that we can put seeds and boom food comes out- this resonates with me in life generally, I know when I work hard and put all the energy I will reap the rewards.

5- things I learned about growing and harvesting tomatoes

  1. Prep the plant hole with either one of the following they are all great in helping your tomatoes grow
    : Epsom salts
    : Compost it’s maybe best to use food compost
    : Crushed egg shells
    : Used coffee grounds

  1. Build a support structure for your tomatoes as the fruit starts to get big the plant is usually not strong enough to hold them. And you want to keep them away from the ground. I used wood square sticks that I had left over from another project.

  1. Planting your tomatoes in an area with lots of sunlight is the best apparently. Tomatoes love the sun, who knew. I would have appreciated this information ahead of time, the first time I planted tomatoes.

  1. I have noticed that tomatoes are such drinkers, so I water them deeply about twice a week- this is a bit of a disadvantage for me, how does one save water but water the Vegetable garden? You win some and you lose some- green lifestyle made hard.

5. Harvesting in about 90 days or so, but the tomatoes must still be firm.

      Do you think one needs green fingers to grow anything?  share your thoughts


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