Grow your own


On the mission to grown my own veggies and herbs for a while now. I have decided to only grow things we eat as a family and what my staff eats[ our housekeeper and garden manager]

Cauliflower is on top of the list of things I eat, I have been Banting [sh… don’t judge me when I cheat] and have seen results from it. During this process, I have fallen in love with what I can do with cauliflower. So I decided to plant some at home with the rest of my other veggies [ will share those in time]

I am just super excited to see my seeds germinating, but now I realize that the seeds are planted too close to each other ? This will be a problem when the leaves that protect the cauliflower grow bigger, they will lay on top of each other. Dino and I will have to make more space to separate them before they get big. Join me on the journey to see how I do, I will keep you updated on my cauliflower growing process.

I challenge you to grow your own

If I can do it, anybody can!

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