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My daughter is at Roosevelt Extension Nursery School which we love.

Our school has kids from all walks of life including some from disadvantaged homes. These kids are either living in the area because their parents work as housekeepers earning an income too low for them to afford the school but logistically it’s not possible for them to go anywhere else. And it can also be that the child has been in the school for some time, but their parent’s financial circumstances have changed or it can be a case where a child may even have lost a parent(s).

The school started the Ladybird Bursary Fund to assist these parents and their kids, however, the school is a community-owned Public Benefit Organisation and funds are still needed to run the school. The question has been how do we help these kids without putting a financial strain on other parents? This where you come in.

Currently, the aim is to raise funds for a little 2-year-old, a plan is to provide 4-years of quality pre-school education for him. With R100.00 each from 340 people, we can achieve the dream for the first year.

Any help will be highly appreciated, I have gone as far as doing a crowdfunding campaign with Candystick

I have a positive feeling, together you and I, we can reach the goal for 2018.

The other day a thought crossed the mind that got me wondering, ‘what do parents without any financial facilities do when it comes to school? Yes, most public schools will have a fund like the Ladybird Bursary.

But for any bursary to work, the members of the community and corporates play a massive role.

I have done a lot of fundraising campaigns in my little life as a blogger, its never been just about raising funds but creating an awareness beyond our daily living. I want to be that person that creates uncomfortable conversations on the dinner table, without making people feel bad for what they have/have not.

“We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why” – Stephen King

Kindly head over to the Candystick website for a contribution of your heart desire. I have said it before you don’t need to have a lot to give you just need to be creative- hence I am doing this.

You might get to Candystick and find a campaign that speaks to you a lot more than the Ladybird Bursary Fund– giving and when the heart speaks one should listen- I am confident you are listen to our request.

Thank you in advance!

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