I didn’t wake up like this

Let’s talk eyebrows:

I didn’t wake up like this, in fact, I am nowhere near finished – yes, I said it” no shame in my game, I get beat!”

I have always had issues with having very little eyebrows [more like nothing] and being in the beauty industry, I knew if I can make a plan to either grow them or fake them, I will for sure. About 13 years ago when I worked and lived in Durban [ best years of my life] I worked with one of the coolest woman, ever! Lynnette. I had a regular complaint about my eyebrows being too thin, Lynnette suggested I have them tattooed [not permanent make-up] At first I was a bit hesitant but then after a couple of months thinking about it, I finally decided to do it. Princess [ my sister ] was due to come to Durban, so I booked my appointment around her arrival to make sure she was there, it was only fitting to have her and Lynnette hold my hand [ in this life-threatening procedure ?] anyways they love me enough to be there. Lynn already had 11 tattoos at this time and I trusted her tattoo artist even though fast forwarding- years later, Lynn is now a kick-ass tattoo artist in South Africa  she is BOSS in tattoos. Back to my eyebrows… the guy [forgot his name] did a very good job and I was very pleased with how they turned out.

Years later, my eyebrows have faded so bad and the fact that they are not completely perfect is more visible. I tried to fix them with permanent makeup but because I had, had a tattoo this did not even last 2 months. It looks like, I will have to have tattoo them again for better results, not even Microblading will work. I might have to book a ticket to Durban so Lynn can sort me out [she is better than the guy that did them the first time]

I now wear make-up mostly all times if I don’t,  I look dead [yeap… I do]  as a makeup artist who has looked at so many eyebrow tutorials, but nothing is suitable for my situation. The best solution is to wear black eyebrows to hide the old tattoo, I know… black might be too harsh looking, but it’s the only solution for now. Even if it means I have to color my hair with black henna, to suit my eyebrow color –  anything to alive.

With getting beat [made- up] it means I have to look after my skin even more. So I have facials every month using DECLEOR Paris [white] I’d been used to MARY-COHR Paris for a couple of years but I could not find it in Mozambique so DECLEOR Paris is just as great for me. Like this morning I had a facial, my skin looks painful but it’s not really, after a couple of days it clears up so nice.

My imperfect faded tattooed eyebrow

With age comes WISDOM, and I am wise enough to be happy with things I can not change but also be un-apologetic with things I can .



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