It’s a need not a want

Sanitary pads and tampons are not just a need but a necessity. Due to poverty this has become the last on the needs list, need I say” the cost does not help the situation”

This is coming from a person who has 100 problems but not affording sanitary pads is not 1 of them. But now and again I am remained that so many girls, well… about 7 million according to the statistics miss school a couple of days a month due to not having sanitary pads. This is beyond sad, one’s life should not stop due to this. It’s hard to even think, what would I do if I was in this situation? luckily you and I are in a situation where we can make sure this kind of thing does not happen to some of the 7 million girls.

I have a couple of charities that are very close to my heart, Sparrow schools in Sophia town and in Melville are very much on top of the list for me, educating kids from mostly donations is one of the hardest things to do. My dream is to one day not only give time but a financial donation to help towards the education needs. The foundation has ones again come up with a great campaign for the month of August. I am doing it and asking you do to get involve.

The delivery address is as follows:

Sparrow Schools

39 St Swithins Avenue



To those out of Johannesburg like myself [more like out the country] herewith is the postal address for delivery:

P O Box 91600

Auckland park


Tell number:

011 673 4410

Facebook page:

Web page:

Changing lives one person at a time!


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