It’s rude to stare, even if it’s a mixed racial family

What will make an ideal world for mixed racial families in South Africa?

– One where race is secondary to being human


The is no denying that we are different, isn’t that what makes life fun? Ones I accepted that self-acceptance became a lot easier. What does this mean to me?, it means- being able to appreciate my blackness and know who I am and what I have to give[receive too ?]  They say “it’s easy to give love when you love yourself” Well… when it comes to love, I am clearly opened in such a way that my Zulu self is married to a Portuguese and we have an amazing daughter.

South Africa is a great country[trust me it is] and, all mixed racial families want [among’st other things like, Jacob Zuma to pay back the money] is to sometimes go to a public place without feeling like our face where on the MOST WANTED the night before. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with my life and the choices I have made. One of which is to allow me to love and be loved.

Ideally, it will be so nice for a mixed racial family to go to a public place without worrying about people’s stares or if it’s socially acceptable for us to be there, or having to decide whether to hold hands or not. Now for us as a couple, we are fine with all that but when you have a 3-year-old and people ask “is she your child?” [adopted parents and parents with mixed racial children] know this too well.

These are some of the questions we get on a normal day of shopping, just by the way these are the nice ones:

– Don’t you know that white man won’t divorce you, they kill you?

– Why would want to marry a black guy?

– Are you not happy with who you are?

– Did you forget what these people did to us?

– is it so you can have cute kids?

-Did you work for him?

The best one is, “which parent does your child like the most?”  That is when I am like… really? [ whilst I see red and just might go Soweto on someone]

Admittedly the picture is 3 years old

Next time you see mixed racial families, remember we are just trying to figure this thing called LIFE whilst we are living it, please just let us be.

“no amount of anything makes you better than the next”

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