Just Me- review

In fact, it’s not Just Me it’s Just Me changing how I see makeup removers.

If you have read my blog post on how I love makeup and being unapologetic about it, but healthy skin comes first before any makeup brand.

For a while, I have been looking for a makeup removing products that are healthy for my skin and are cost-effective, the idea of using wet wipes ideal for me but then I had limited choices. Until I came across Just Me makeup removing towels, what a game changer for me and many makeup users (hey let’s not forget my 4-year-old) she uses Just Me to remove face paint.

Its been 6-months since I started using my Just Me and I have loved every minute of it.

All I need is warm water and voila… the makeup is gone even my waterproof eyebrow podame products. The fact that I do not need any chemicals or soap to remove my makeup with Just Me and that I can reuse the towel over and over again is amazing.

Makeup is expensive and removing it has been just as expensive and not forgetting that some products are not good for the environment or one’s skin, I usually go for cheaper removers which are mostly not safe for the environment or my skin.

I usually hand wash my towel with every use but twice a week I place it my washing machine with clothes for that extra wash. Daily outside drying is a must for me (I am funny like that, I still prefer sun drying) I hear my mom voice telling me, “the sun is best to kill germs if any.

The material that they used when making Just Me is soft and gentle even after using this long.

I choose Just Me because:

  • Its made in KZN, South Africa
  • Cost-effective
  • Colour range for your taste
  • Environmental safe
  • Safe on skin for long-term use
  • Safe for kids

Don’t take my word for it, get yourself a Just Me towel and you can thank me later.

You can hit like on their Facebook page or  pay a visit to a Dischem store near you.

Is Just Me a product you will be willing to try?




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