Looking after your child’s toys

My mom did this for me now it’s my turn to doing it for Jisele. Gugu [that will be my mom] was a kind of mom that washed all my dolls [it sounds like a lot, Nah…not really] none the less, she looked after all my dolls and teddies she used to replace buttons and make outfits for them.So for me, it’s natural to look after Jisele’s toys, besides the fact that I am OCD.

But you always have that toy that’s nice but cleaning it is a nightmare [yeah that one] it can be because of all the electrics in them or something else, but you can’t just toss them into the washing machine ?  Jisele has a few of those and I have been dragging the day when I have to clean them.It’s important to me to teach Jisele to look after her things and the one way of doing that is to keeping her toys clean, well… clean for a 3-year can be questionable, right?… but keeping her toys clean is a must not only because it’s hygienic but we give toys away to others and I know the feeling of a passed on toy that’s been looked after and let’s not forget toys are not cheap ?

To make sure I protect all the electronics inside, I used the damp wiping method:

– 1tsp of  washing powder of your choice

– 1tsp of vanish powerO2  [for color clothing]

Step 1: mixed the two together to make it foamy

Step  2: vacuumed all the dust of the teddies

Step 3: I then used a clean light color cloth to wipe them down using the foam

Step 4: once I was happy, I then used another clean dry towel also light in color [it helps to see any access dirt] to pat dry

Step 5: hang them outside to dry

It seems to have worked cause now all Jisele’s friends- as she calls them are clean

Nothing looks more rich than clean!


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