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Jisele and I have been doing Art and Craft for a while now. She is a smart and busy little girl, which means I have to keep up with her at all times. Someone asked me the other day, ‘Are you not overloading her?’ -No, because most times she is the one coming up with things to do.

I once read an interesting article that you sometimes have to let your child get bored- this helps them to be creative. I honestly think it has been working because of this we end up doing crafts. Joao and I try very hard to make sure she is not sitting in front of a TV, but this means we have to come up with ways to keep her stimulated. So far this seems to work for our family.

It’s funny how I’ve always referred to myself as the un-artistic person- I am however the same person that can do great set of nails with nail art. I supposed I only viewed art as painting but its a lot more than that.

Now I get to share my creative self with my daughter.

Benefits for doing Art and Craft:

Art and Craft are sometimes her views of the World

Just her understand that the grass is green therefore we should paint it green is enough for me. The one day while doing a snowman, she made it a point of telling me that the snowman had an orange carrot nose not the green “thing” we used. I went to explain that Ana (FROZEN) used a carrot but we can use anything we like because we can’t use a carrot on paper and that we didn’t have an orange colored pom-pom.

Art and Craft is helping to improve her Fine Motor Skills

One of a few times I let her use scissors, glue, permanent markers, and paint. Cutting different shapes and drawing gets better with every craft. The best is seeing her improve every time- best feeling ever.

Art and Craft activities are great way to bond as a family

Anytime together is special but creating something together is even more special, it gives me an inside on how she deals with things and if she can hold her own.

Art and craft enforces the understanding for recycling

I have previously shared with you my passion for recycling through this post. We mostly use recycled goods for crafts. We have come a long way with recycling from her wanting to pick up random rubbish from the streets-to picking up empty juice bottles (hmm, no thanks)

Art and Craft as patience test or lesson

Now other than her learning to be patient, I am also working on this little problem of patience. It’s not a secret that I am not patient, even with my veggie garden I want to plant today and eat tomorrow. At this age, I still don’t understand why I have to wait for the paint or glue to dry. I am hoping she will be better than me but as she learns I carry on practicing.

Have you been doing any Art and Craft?

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