Mole in my veg garden 

This morning after my daily walk, I went to the garden to find there is a mole making itself comfortable in my veg garden.

Well, this was before I knew what a mole was called in English. In Zulu we call it “gungunyane”[I thought] for most of my morning I was trying to figure out what it’s called so I can google search what to do? Then I decided to ask my Facebook friends to help [ Zulu friends] let’s say the person that manage to help me is a white South Africa, how funny I thought. I pride myself on knowing my Zulu very well, but when my white friends are interested in Zulu words, it’s exciting.

But before I got there, I phoned my husband to ask him [yes he knows Zulu a bit] this will be us:

Me: babe, what do you call Igungunyana in English?

Joao: Gunguhnana is a Mozambican historical figure if I remember he was king, a short and stocky man.

Me: what? What are you talking about babe?

Joao: but you wanted to know about Gunguhnana!

Me: no babe, I think I have one in the garden and it’s messing up my garden.

Joao: oh… Sorry babe, I will have to check when I get home. I am not sure what you are talking about.

It turns out my husband read about Gunguhnana [ the correct spelling] when he was at school. Now I have learned about Gunguhnana  Nxumalo [Nxumalo is strong Zulu surname] Aish… So much African history out there.

Take a time and read this-King Gunguhnana 

I went from being worried about a mole in my garden to a history lesson about Gunguhnana. The crazy life of a person trying to grow their own food.

Now the funny part is a mole is called ‘Imvukuzane’ in Zulu, not Igungunyana no wonder my Zulu friends and family didn’t know what I was talking about ? ????

I had to share ?

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