My creative self

For many years as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, I have always channeled my creative side by doing artwork on nails. This has been one of my highlights of my career. But now that I am a housewife, (I still find it hard to say this out loud) it has given me time to dig deep in this creative self- that I am

I have been doing a lot of different things around my house not only to kill time but it makes me feel good. So lately, I decided we (hubby and me) should build a playhouse for Ms. Jisie(our daughter) to my surprise he was game. After doing some research, this is what we decided to do.

Shapes inspired, cardboard playhouse

Hubby constructed the structure and the roof within an hour he was finished.Then it was my turn to paint and decorate(which was super fun, of course) until I started painting the prima. The prima needed to dry overnight and I needed to do two coats. Ones it was dry, two layers of color and a fully manicured garden cut-outs from old magazines, hand-made curtain all hung and ready for Ms. Jisie to play. So in the end, I ended doing most the work (sh…like always) but hubby has all the bragging rights on this playhouse

End result

kindly share, what have you made for your kids that you are super proud of yourself?

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