Raising Readers. Multi-sensory learning kit review

Books books books, we love books and so as our little girl.

We exposed Jisele to books since she was born her curiosity and enthusiasm for storytelling and reading is breathtaking.

The best is when she sits quietly with her with a kids Bible and tells me, ‘I am busy reading.’ Even though she can’t read, looking at pictures and telling a story is reading to her.

Just then I knew it was time to get her to start reading.

But as mothers, we never know where to start, I remembered I have been following Raising Readers Facebook page for a while now, so I contacted them for a reading kit and they advised me to order the Fun with Letters kit for the 4-6 age group. They also sell books and of course I ordered books.

It’s been a little over a month since we started using the kit. The kit comes with an instructions guide card, great for moms. It’s much easier for an educator to teach but I need a little guidance. Most of these lessons will take me 5min. I first see where her headspace is and if she seems keen then add another 5min to the lesson the time.

The Great:
The sensory learning kits are cost-effective and made in South Africa– you know how I am about local products (love them). They have put them together in a way that makes learning fun and effective.

The Good:
Each sensory learning kit has a lot of tools for you and your little one to use. For me, this is a big deal because with the little ones you never know what they will like. I do not push if she seems uninterested in an item, I sometimes let her choose from the kit what she wants to do.

The Best:
You can keep some of the pieces in your restaurant bag or car activity bag.


Fun with Letters (Age 4-6)


Fun with Numbers (Age 3-8)


Fun with Words (Age 5-9)


Fun with Shapes (Age 2-4)

I feel grateful that I can give Jisele something that nobody can take from her. Reading is the beginning of a great life journey that will open her to the World.

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