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Jisele is back at school and I am loving it, it’s been a busy holiday.I am ready to get back to work, I have a couple of reviews and writing to do. I have been thinking- what is the best first post for 2017? but as always I overthink that I end up to the most simple of solutions.

So this is it:

Since last year Jisele and I started recycling toilet paper tubes for her school [no the school didn’t ask] She brings her classwork home daily and some of it is crafts, I then noticed that the toilet paper tubes are used a lot.So we then started recycling and sending them to school.I then made it a point to pay attention to what else we can recycle to school, to my surprise they use a lot of googly ?. It’s so nice to see some of the things she learns at school, but I am not prepared to keep everything.So Joao and I enjoy it for a little bit then I sort through it by removing googly ?,snowman noses and all that I think the school can re-use.Otherwise, it ends up in the rubbish bin.

recycled craft ideas for home and school

She seems loves so much that even when we are out and toilet paper is finished, she insist we take it and I am like hmmm… “no” will only collect ones at ? In 2017 I would like to take it to the next level but not sure what else we can recycle and who will benefit from it.I am an obsessive compulsive cleaner with an OCD for all things tidy and everything in its place[hang on why I am telling you this?] oh yes- because I don’t want to be a hoarder in the name of ♻️ ling ? So until then- we will only recycle these to school:

I think it’s important that Jisele understands that looking after our earth is as much important as looking after animals and ourselves, any little big counts.

Reduce Reuse Recycle!


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