She is no-French kid

Having a 3- year- old that is very smart and super busy, can be hard to keep entertained. The most challenging times are dinner times at restaurants. Every time we go to a restaurant, I rely on the restaurant to provide coloring books and crayons

Well… this was all possible in South Africa, but now that we have moved to Mozambique, this has become an even bigger challenge. Let’s just say “most of the restaurants in Mozambique , will only give you what’s on the menu food and drinks that’s it” not even mints with your bill (Yes, I know- it’s not natural a disaster)

So I had to come up with a plan for every time we leave the house, to keep Jisele entertained and busy whilst we wait for food (normally this time makes me wish,we were French) so packing a bag every time we go out, is the solution. Plus she has enough toys at home to rotate

Restaurant bag/keep busy bag

Inside Jisele’s bag:

reading book

age appropriate with pictures


– board educational game

Numbers or shapes is normally what I always go for, like this magnetic numbers game from


– coloring book and crayons

At the age of three, it’s all about shapes of things. So large pictures to color in, are the best 

– electronic games

Yes- I am not fond of electronic games. But kids love them, and they make great gifts. My choice will be anything Leapfrog, they have a great collection of educational


electronic/battery operated toys

– wet wipes

Must have, I am glad someone invented this stuff. My OCD would not have it any other way

And off course a bag to put this stuff, lucky for me Jisele loves to carry her mochila(backpack)as she calls it, which is awesome. The only thing is, I have to remember to rotate the toys in her room and the bag on the regular bases

Mommy’s and daddy’s, do you have a restaurant bag/keep busy bag?  If so, what is inside?

Please share…


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