The Box Of Courage 

Whilst walking this morning my thoughts are  – someone is getting sexually assaulted somewhere in the world. The estimates say “every 36 sec a woman is raped” ?’ing!…right? the sad thing is there are more rapes but only a few [a few too many] are reported. Ones it’s reported and the victim has been examined by a doctor, then what? -this is what Zoe’s initiative is about, helping victims towards a healing journey. Zoe is a sexual assault victim survivor, who is using her story to inspire and motivate others.

Her story on her Facebook page:  – head over there and support this great course.

THE BOX OF COURAGE costs R80,  Zoe’s organization hands them out to rape a victim after being examined by a doctor. These are the places victims can access THE BOX OF COURAGE in South Africa:

– ER’s department

– Shelters

– Police stations

– GP’s

Contact Zoe to find out how you can get involved and to kindly spread the word.



#rapeknowsnoagelimit – with Zoë Harris

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