The morning after the ⛈ 

Sitting at ? this morning after the night we had in the South of  ?? due to a massive storm that was unexpected. We have been praying for rain, but sometimes rain comes with winds, lightning, and hail which is not always good. Just after 6:15 pm last night till about 8:00pm, all you we could hear was the big rocks of hail. And all we can do is sit and wait for it to be over, so the electricity can be restored [ talk about priorities right] But the effects of the storm are more shocking than what I had in mind [ even though I did think it will be bad ] when people lose their lives, and there are deadly car accidents across the city, with a lot of homes blown away. It’s heavy on the heart this morning, this is the last thing we need.  I don’t know about you but I know when something tragic happens, one always wants to blame someone, in this case,there is no one to blame Mother Nature is just reminding us who’s boss. All we can do is just send love and condolences to families that lost their loved ones and do damage control.

As soon as I open the door the check the damage in our yard, oh my gosh! My veggie garden is ruined ??

It will be easy to ? all day or book a therapy session with a psychologist but I am okay [very sad] but really okay. When all I have lost is a veggie garden, that is nothing compare to someone losing a loved one or their home, even that  ? that gets them to works every day, and or their business. I am very much able to put in more work in my garden but what about the people that can’t work towards getting what they have lost?

Pictures gathered from Facebook posts

This is a great opportunity for one to open their hearts and help people around Maputo/Matola that needs help.

When it’s all lost we always have our words, use them to be kind!

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