Turn the other cheek

What? – she is only 3 years old, she doesn’t even understand what it means.

As a mother, my duty is to protect my child from the dangers of the world or at least try and I thought I have prepared Jisele from age 2 already, not be pushed around. I even did a short video so she can watch it often and always remember what to do:


Well… Until something happened, Joao and I are sitting having coffee and Jisele is playing with other kids. Next I heard was her screaming at the top of her lungs, I rushed to find a little boy that is maybe smaller than her on top of her punching her violently [ like the type you see in the movies]  I then rushed to get him away from her and I asked what had happened and ordered him to apologize, but his kid was a little monster. He did not want to apologize. So I went to the speak to the mother.

Me: Excuse me your son is violently punching my child and he refuses to apologize.

Boy’s mom: oh! this is such a problem, he is always punching other kids. The teachers at the school are complaining.

Me: I am sorry your child is giving you problems but that is not my child problem, he can’t go around punching other kids.

Boys mom: I don’t know what to do.

By this time my face looks like?… really??? So many things crossed my mind of what I should or should not say to her. I am mad but also sad for this little boy, who is clearly trying to communicate his frustration to his parents – I wonder if they are listening…

At that time it hit me that this is just the beginning, and I was not prepared as I thought I was. Joao and I are now sitting in a place where we need to teach her to defend herself physically [ as a parent, I really wish I didn’t].

– if you get pushed – tell the kid you don’t like it, they must STOP

–  if you get punched – use your knuckles to punch back


– if you get kicked – kick back


– run to an adult

With lots and lots of emphases that she ONLY uses these tools as DEFENCE.

As I said before, I really wish I didn’t. But I know Joao and I cannot always be there to defend her and there is always a frustrated kid somewhere waiting to take their frustration on someone.

I always say “I was never bullied” but I did have an abusive first boyfriend, this is a form of bully. I promised myself that no man will ever put their hands on me but I didn’t think of the day when I have to worry about my child at age 3, this really makes me mad, like mad to a level of crazy.

I would like to hear from moms and dads what is the craziest thing you have had to do to protect your child?.

Will turn the other cheek for Portuguese greeting only!

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