Wacky Wednesday

Be happy. Be crazy. Be silly.

As a mom, I am learning to embrace these kinds of things. I am not one for dress-up parties or anything relating to dressing-up as characters other than myself- let’s just say I think I am funny but I take myself too seriously sometimes- Nah… more like most times.

As a young child, I remember only enjoying it when I was in a school play or on Guy Fawkes Day (Dr. Seuss was not a thing then or at least not where I come from). I am an over thinker and people like me most times don’t have fun, I tend to process everything in my head but never get to enjoy. But since being a mom, I realized that I need to stop taking myself too seriously that way I can have more fun with Ms.Jisele, so far I think she is cooler than me- yeah I think my 4-year-old is cool.

She would have been happy with 2-different socks, but since I am working on being cool, an outfit was already processing in my head. My creative juices were already on overflow.

We looked in the craft bag to see what we can use (I know what you are thinking, craft bag? ) yeah we do, we are crafty like that.

Pom poms are an obvious choice cause Ms. Jisele loves them, that and g👀gly eyes with some drawing a silly/crazy/fun outfit will be complete. She has old leggings that are too ruined to give away and a t-shirt that is now too small- we can’t use new clothes for this.

I drew faces then Ms. Jisele stuck the g👀gly eyes and pom poms and wala… we have an outfit.

“Thank you, mama, I love it.” said Ms. Jisele.

The simplest things make her 😊

To Ms. Jisele at 17-years-old: Accept that invite and go to a dress-up party and remember that girls who laugh at themselves are a lot happier. Enjoy life and be a great sport ❤️

  Does the idea of dressing-up for school excite you or do you think it’s just a lot of trouble for parents?


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