We don’t GYM together, we DIY together 

We have been at it again,there is so much more we want to do around the house without breaking the walls down or re-designing the house structure.Whatever we do,has to be something we can pack and go [chronicles of a lessee in a foreign country] when it’s time to move.

The aim is to turn this house into a Morais home that is organized,warm and mostly welcoming.It’s been fun but off course my head is always spinning with great ideas and some not so great, I have been thinking out the box more than usual.Also because the is so many things I would like to have but either can’t get in ?? or they cost an arm and not just a leg but my whole family’s legs.Hence the thinking out the box, Joao and I decided will make most of our items using locally sourced materials, with keeping in mind that whatever we do has to be something we can pack up and take to ?? when the time comes.Off course, I can’t take all the work I have been putting in the garden ? but surely enjoying it whilst we are here.

My current formal dining and lounge area is an open plan with a beautiful dark brick wall that has lots of nail screws and bolts ? Which means I need to play around them when designing the artwork for the wall.After seeing such amazing gallery wall decor online,I thought this will the best for this feature wall.I really don’t want to place too many family pictures but also don’t want to leave the wall empty.

With my love of neutral colors and the French country chic look at the moment,I thought it will be great against this wall.But before I decided on the art pieces,I firstly needed to layer the wall with papers in consideration for the assisting nail screws and bolts [I really don’t want to make more holes] since we are renting. Hang on…I did say ” we are renting,right?”

Once this was done, I looked around the house to see what I have in these shapes and sizes. And lucky, I have a few things that I can use and maybe buy or hubby and I can make some.

I had these:

Hubby made these:

I made these:

… in the end, we have this:


We are happy how it turned out,even though I wish we had a ?‍?‍?‍? photo shoot first.But hey,in the future we can always change or add some things.

A couple that DIY’s together stays together!

What do you think?


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