Wooden bench with hammer – educational toy

Toy fun that’s educational

Jisele has had this wooden bench since she was a couple of months old. She is 4-years-old now but still enjoys playing with it, she bangs (which can be loud sometimes) but I am okay with it because I know it’s helping her with MOTOR SKILLS, HAND-EYE coordination, COLOURS and, of course, she is always happy STACKING IT.

It’s great knowing from one toy, she is learning and getting skills without having to be at school. As a mom, I try and come up with ways to teach her new things and making it as fun as possible is a big part of what I am trying to do. I use the word “trying” because I don’t have a background as a teacher but I am a mom and a big part of my role is teaching and getting my child ready for school and life in general. The journey of empowering my child towards her full potential started when she was born and I am not about to stop now. It’s a great bonding experience with benefits of learning for her and myself.

What’s in your brain, nobody can ever take it away from you, just load that brain!

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